50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

As Diliman Preparatory School moves forward and traverses our 50th year, the school pledges to uphold its promise to persist in innovating and honing our educational expertise to be able to continue to shape and mold our students into outstanding, well-rounded individuals ready to take command of their own futures.

A quick overview of DPS history


In 1969, the Diliman Educational Foundation Inc. (later to be renamed Diliman Educational Corporation) was launched, spearheaded by Associate Professor from the University of the Philippines (U.P.), Mrs. Alicia M. L. Coseteng; Mrs. Felisa C. Generoso, former elementary principal at U.P., and Dr. Irma Apelo, a medical doctor with a soft spot for children. In July of the same year, the Diliman Preparatory School (DPS), then a 10-room schoolhouse offering classes in Nursery, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-5, officially opened its doors to students.


DPS brought on board more teachers and expanded its facilities, adding a library, admin office, clinic, and canteen. Departments were strengthened and the school advocated an emphasis on co-curricular programs like practical arts, music, drama, and sports.


DPS continued to develop and grow alongside the community it was in. From hardly one section at every grade level, by the mid-eighties the average was six or seven sections for every grade level. The school decided to strongly focus on its math and science curriculums.

In 1985, Mrs. Felisa C. Generoso (who was principal of the school from its inception) retired and was replaced by Mrs. Florinda J. Lesaca. In 1986 DPS Founding Member Mrs. Alicia M. L. Coseteng became Principal.


The nineties was a decade of expansion for DPS. In 1992, the high school program was implemented, with the establishment of the first year high school course.  The campus underwent a makeover as well– by 1993 the four-storey high school building was constructed, as well as a gymnasium at the newly acquired property behind the existing DPS campus.

In 1995,  the school opened its first branch, the Diliman Preparatory School – Annex at Don Raymundo St., San Agustin Village in Novaliches, Quezon City. The Felisa Generoso Building was put up in 1996. In 1998, the Diliman Computer Technology Institute (DCTI) was born.


DPS Founder Alicia Coseteng passed away on June 22, 2001.  Ms. Esperanza P. Bautista took over her role as President of the school. Mrs. Estrellita D. Gavino was appointed as Principal from 2001 until 2006 and Mrs. Emalina A. Flores became the President from 2003 until 2005. Mrs. Alma G. Jocson took over in 2005. Sen. Nikki Coseteng became the president of DEC/DPS and the Principal of DPS in 2006.

During this decade, the school was reconfigured, restructured, and renovated- both physically and academically.


In 2010, the Whole Brain Learning System was adapted into the DPS curriculum. Shortly after, career streams were offered to DPS students, and the K to12 program was set into place

DPS was recognized as the country’s  “Most Transformative School for Learning Effectiveness and School Efficiency” in the 2017 Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA).

50th Anniversary Countdown

Join us as we countdown to our 50th anniversary milestone!

Message from the Founder

As  I remember, it all started like a seed of an idea years ago. Diliman Prep, as an undertaking, began simply, spontaneously, and with a dash of courage.

I had just returned from graduate studies at Stanford in Palo Alto, and was now assistant professor at the Institute of Mass Communications. I had also enrolled my youngest son, Perry, then seven, at the U.P. Elementary School in the Diliman Campus. That was how I met my colleague, Mrs. Felisa C. Generoso, the U.P. Elementary Principal to whom I later discovered education was not only a vocation but life itself. In 1969 Mrs. Generoso was due for retirement after a long career as a teacher.

And I, having met some difficulty in re-enrolling my other children who went with me to the United States in their original schools, the idea of putting up an elementary school became a beckoning possibility— as well as a challenge. Mrs. Generoso was the most logical opportunity. Would she be interested? Yes, she would. As a matter of fact, it was what she had always planned to do after retirement. Why not a school of our own? The idea quickly took shape.

That settled, the next step was to look for friends who would join the venture—and keep the faith. And so, in the early part of 1969, together with Indalecio P. Soliongco who scouted for the school location and applied for the permit; Dr. Irma R. Apelo who became treasurer and school physician; my sister Mrs. Sylvia Orozco; and Mrs. Titchy Lopez Marquez, my sister-in-law; Atty Deogracias G. Eufemio, a family friend who became legal counsel and corporate secretary; Modesto Ventura, an entrepreneur; and my mother, Mrs. Judith Guanco Marquez, incorporators all, the Diliman Educational Foundation, Inc. (later to be renamed Diliman Educational Corporation) was launched.

There was no turning back from then on. With a modest authorized capital of One Million Pesos and a loan of One Hundred Fifty Thousand from Philam Life, Engineer Felix Marinas was given the go-signal to clear the school grounds and construct the 10-classroom one-storey school building.

In July 1969, a new community school, Diliman Preperatory School, opened for business. Mrs. Generoso, as Principal, and her assistant principal Ms. Yolanda Marquez Lim, and her raw recruits of six teachers bravely welcomed their first batch of 45 students. 

And so the journey began.

By: Alicia M. L. Coseteng, Founding Member, and former President and Chairman of the Board of the Diliman Education Foundation.

This excerpt was taken from the article “Brief History” printed in the Diliman Preperatory School Silver Jubilee Book published in 1994.

Message from the President

Upon joining the Diliman Preparatory School in 2007, I realised that the high standard of education which my mother espoused during her years at DPS seemed to be lagging behind the present times. We urgently needed to make major developments in two key areas: infrastructure and curriculum.

The sizeable investments in infrastructure that we proceeded to accomplish in the following years included the construction of air-conditioned classrooms and three swimming pools, as well as the upgrading of our libraries, the faculty room, covered parking lot, restrooms, cooking room, canteen, and the building itself.

Addressing the issue of enriching our current curriculum, we decided to give ours a refresh by introducing the Whole Brain Learning System (WBLS), the English Proficiency Intervention Program (EPIP), the Robotics program, and the Space Science program. This was our way of keeping up-to-date and preparing Dilimanians for the future.

Today, this remains our battlecry— to future-proof our students.

The training and education earned at DPS must be able to allow our graduates to go to the college of their choice; those who decide not to go to college should have been prepared enough by the school to propel them into their futures. This is the beauty of WBLS, because regardless of what the demands will be in the future, our kids will be ready to meet them head on. Indeed, DPS' legacy is that it prepares its graduates for whatever life throws their way. 

I have met our alumni everywhere I go and they are professionals— productive members of society, some of whom send their kids to DPS, especially after they have seen the improvements and innovations from their time here. They are all proud alumni who credit much of their success to their preparation at the school.

As we move forward and traverse our 50th year, the school pledges to uphold its promise to persist in innovating and honing our educational expertise to be able to continue to shape and mold our students into outstanding, well-rounded individuals ready to take command of their own futures.


Celebrate fifty years with us!

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