Special Programs

Special Programs

The Diliman Preparatory School curriculum is enriched with innovative programs that allow students to succeed in a changing global environment.

English Proficiency Intervention Program (EPIP)

The English Proficiency Intervention Program (EPIP) enables the students to individually and interactively work on their reading and listening comprehension, oral pronunciation, and vocabulary through an interactive online multi-sensory program that mimics a private English tutor.

The supplemental program is attended once a week by all students and is conducted in the EPIP laboratories for Grade School and High School.

Space Science

The ground breaking Space Science Program, the first space science program made available for schools in Southeast Asia, is conducted in partnership with one of the leading astrophysicists in the region- Dr. Rogel Mari Sese. The program's topics range from basic astronomy to advanced space technology, with teachers and students alike being guided by manuals especially created by Regulus SpaceTech Inc.

The Space Science classes, which consist of lectures, demonstrations, field observations, home planetarium shows, film viewing sessions, story telling events, or art workshops, are conducted in the Space Science lab 20 times in 20 weeks for 80 minutes every Friday. The Space Science program is available to students from Early Childhood Education to Grade 12.


This truly futuristic program, which is integrated into the students' Computer subject, was created to allow Dilimanians to keep up with the latest advancements in technology. In the Robotics Program, students are given opportunities to design, build, and operate actual robots as well as join competitions both locally and abroad.

Robotics sessions are available to Grade School and High School students and are conducted in the Robotics room.

Tourism Programs

The Tourism Program was created to promote love of country by appreciating culture and travelling. The program allows students to participate in tourism-related activities like seminars and workshops with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP). Other activities include field trips around the country, cultural mapping sessions, and a Tourism Month celebration, known as Lakbay PINASaya, where the Diliman Preparatory School campus is transformed into famous landmarks, festival sites, and different provinces in the Philippines.

Healthy Lifestyle

The Healthy Lifestyle Program (Batang Healthy, Batang Happy) was created in partnership with the Department of Health in order to promote a physical and over-all wellbeing among students. The program allows for set themes per day of the week to encourage students to develop healthy habits: Meatless Monday, Zumba Tuesday, Walk on Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Fruits and Veggies Friday, Stay Fit Saturday, and Fun Day Sunday. The Healthy Lifestyle Program also organizes talks and school events to promote the cause.

STREAM Program

Students from Grade 7 onwards have the freedom to choose career streams that allow them to focus on their personal interests and future career paths. The program allows for a curriculum tailored to the student's stream of choice.

The streams offered are: English stream, Mathematics stream, Social Science stream, Tourism stream, and Multimedia stream.

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