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Life Lessons at DPS

By – Angelica D. Painagan, DPS Grade School Batch 2009 & HS Batch 2013, BS Business Economics, UP Diliman, Magna Cum Laude

DPS had been my home for twelve wonderful years prior to UP Diliman and if I may share with you the lessons I learned during my stay in this school, do allow me to enumerate some:


This is one thing that I learned from CADT and in life. There will always be moments wherein you question yourself and your capabilities and in those moments, all you have to do is tell yourself that you can do it. Knowing your weaknesses (or your I-cant’s) is vital; it could hinder you from things you want to do or you can utilize it as one of your greatest strengths. Of course, I’d want you to choose the latter. It’s never going to be easy as it will be risky but, as cliché as it may sound, you have to believe in yourself. You have to unleash that potential and develop a better you.

So go ahead, study hard for that quiz or exam, be part of various school organizations and join competitions. Who knows, it could be in these experiences that you discover yourself more. In my case, I’m glad that I joined my beloved organization, CADT, as part of Batch Sulo and that I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime.


People do make mistakes and it’s okay, as long as you learn from them. I’m telling you, accepting your failures and shortcomings is one of the noblest things you can do. Again, you just have to pick yourself up and move on. Trust the process and as the saying goes, if you fall seven times, stand up eight.


I was reminded by this quote last Friday (June 23) during my commencement rites and yes, this will be my favorite advice. This is true; you have to enjoy what you’re doing because at the end of it all, what matters most is your happiness. If you are truly happy with your career and you set your heart and soul into it, you’ll be successful and content. Now, for those who don’t do what they love yet, you have to love what you currently do. It could be hard at first, but as soon as you manage to appreciate what you do and to whom you do it for, work will be less of a burden.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, offer all you have to the One who created you. Acknowledge Him in everything you do.

I wouldn’t have learned all of these without the help of my organizations, teachers, classmates and friends. For 12 years, you’ve been there for me and I’d be really glad to share with you my recent achievement. You all occupy such a big place in my heart and being. Thank you so much DPS and I hope to visit soon! #TatakDilimanian

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