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By: Justine Nieves Buenagua Hermoso – DPS Grade School Batch of 2009

The biggest gift DPS gave me was confidence. I think it’s one of the best things anyone can give to a child in his formative years. DPS believed in me, stretched me to reach my fullest potential, invested in me just like how it always has for every generation of DPS students.

I was exposed to many different things during Grade School. I was in the Miss United Nations Pageant in Grade 1, school drama in Garde 2, in a storytelling program for Kindergarten students in Grade 3, in the Student Council as the Batch President in Grade 5 and in the MTAP School Team from Grades 4-6. I can’t exactly remember what I danced to during the Pageant nor the stories I told to the Kindergarten students, but what I can remember is that the DPS community – peers, teachers, administrative and executive staff always had my back, gave me the resources to develop myself as a well-rounded person. DPS taught me that academic results can only get me so far, that is why I found my 6 years at DPS probably the most meaningful years of my childhood life. I grew up to be a strong, positive and strong-willed woman.

Last I visited DPS was years ago but each time I did, it always felt like home. I will always be grateful for the experiences and exposure DPS gave me, the greatest teachers helped me reach where I am now.

Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Business Management, Double Major in Operations and Strategic Management at Singapore Management University.

At 14, I moved to Singapore to complete my High School and Junior College education under the MOE ASEAN SCHOLARSHIP. And yes, my grade school diploma was the last certificate I received from a Philippine institution, but I am honored, that institution was Diliman Preparatory School!

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