Moral Formation

Moral Formation

Diliman Preparatory School is a non-sectarian school that embraces diversity among students of different races and religions. It upholds universal values of ethics and moral formation that have the same meaning to all human beings. Honesty, respect for human dignity and compassion are well integrated in every lesson.

Code of Discipline

The school believes that discipline is important for the learning
process to continue and prosper. Therefore, every student is expected to practice self-discipline; to promote and observe fairness, order, and good morals at all times; to respect those who are in authority and other members of the community; and to protect the good name and reputation of the school.

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Social Responsiveness

Citizenship and social responsibility are inculcated in students already equipped with academic excellence and moral values, preparing them to serve their community, nation and the world.

Cinema Guidance

Every quarter, the Guidance and Admissions Department holds a series of film showings for Diliman Preparatory School students. This activity imparts life lessons through visually entertaining and morally upright movies.

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Value-Added Thursday

Value Added Thursdays (VAT) is a Diliman Preparatory School program that provides students with opportunities to develop their leadership and self-management skills.

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Diliman Preparatory School

At Diliman Preparatory School, you don't have to worry about what tomorrow brings – because we make sure your child is ready for it. Through our innovative learning philosophy and teaching strategies, your child is transformed into the best version of his future self.

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