Code of Discipline

Code of Discipline

The school believes that discipline is important for the learning 
process to continue and prosper. Therefore, every student is expected to practice self-discipline; to promote and observe fairness, order, and good morals at all times; to respect those who are in authority and other members of the community; and to protect the good name and reputation of the school. Diliman Preparatory School strictly implements school rules and regulations, which are guided by our philosophies, policies, and objectives. A Code of Conduct and Discipline for Students is strictly enforced in order to guide students accordingly.


Pupils are expected to come to school early everyday.

Primary Level: 7:30am-2:15pm
Intermediate Level 7:30am-2:50pm

Pupils who come to school from being absent must bring an excuse letter or a Medical Certificate signed by a doctor.


Pupils are expected to come to school punctually, at least 10 minutes before the official class hour.

Tardiness is reported to the Coordinator for Students Affairs.

Cutting Classes

Pupils are considered cutting if they are present in some subjects but absent in others.

Pupils who cut classes are reported by the teacher/adviser to CSA for proper disciplinary action and parents are informed accordingly.


Dismissal for G1-G3 – 2:15
Dismissal for G4-G6 – 2:50

School bus riders exit at the Parking Area, while those with fetchers exit at the assigned FETCHER'S AREA.

Pupils are expected to go home or be fetched immediately after class. (except when there is an approved activity)

BUS RIDERS ARE GIVEN 10 mins. ONLY to go to their school bus.

LOITERING around the campus is not allowed.

Gate Pass

Gate Pass must be signed by the CSA/VPSA/Principal.

Pupils must be fetched by the parents/guardian.

Complete Uniform

All pupils must come to school wearing complete uniform.

✓ Regular uniform
✓ P.E. Uniform
✓ GALA Uniform ( to be worn during Monday and Academic Convocation / School Functions)
✓ School I.D.

General Appearance

Boys must have proper haircut.

Girls must wear hair clips.

Pupils are expected to maintain cleanliness and neatness and to observe proper personal hygiene at all times.

Anti-Bullying Policy

To protect the rights of all students for safe and secure learning environment, Diliman Preparatory School prohibits acts of bullying, harassment and other forms of aggressive and violent acts.

Students are advised to report incidence of bullying immediately.

Seminars on how to stop bullying are regularly conducted during the school year.

"Bullying" or "harassment" is any gesture or written, verbal, graphic, or physical act (including electronically transmitted acts—i.e., cyber bullying, through the use of internet, cell phone, computer, or wireless handheld device that :

  • is reasonably perceived as being dehumanizing, intimidating, aggressive, humiliating, threatening, or otherwise likely to evoke fear of physical harm, emotional distress, or damage to property.
  • is directed at one or more students.
  • is conveyed through physical, verbal, technological or emotional means.
  • substantially interferes with educational opportunities, benefits, or programs of one or more students.

Items Prohibited In School

DEPEd Order No. 70. S. 1999 states that "Students of Elementary and Secondary schools are prohibited from using cellular phones."

Rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, toy guns, water pistols, mechanical and electronic games, playing cards and the like are likewise prohibited in the campus. They are automatically confiscated by the teacher or any school authority and surrendered to the office of the Coordinator for Student Affairs (CSA) or Vice Principal for Student Affairs (VPSA). They can only be claimed by the parents/guardian of the violator after conferring with the CSA/VPSA.

In case, a child brought a gadget/toy, the school is not liable in cases of losses/damages.

Disciplinary Measures

Pupils who may be involved in misconduct are given sanction/s which may vary according to degree of the offense as stated in the Code of Conduct.

Due process and proper investigation must be conducted by the Discipline Committee.

Sanctions are based not only on the degree or seriousness of the offense but likewise on the frequency of occurrence. Thus, the following progression of sanctions shall be imposed:

  • OR - Oral Reprimand
  • RL -Reprimand Letter
  • CLI - Case Letter for Information
  • CLC - Case Letter for Conference
     RL/CLI/CLC serve as official communication to inform/invite parents/guardians. These correspondence should be signed by the parents/guardians and must be returned to the APSA office immediately.
    S1 – On-Campus Suspension (office duty)
    S2 – Off-Campus Suspension
    * All quizzes, exams, projects, and all academic related activities not taken because of suspension shall be given a raw score of ZERO (0).
  • W – Waiver (Probationary Status)
  • D – Dismissal

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