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Galamay Tops Grade School Batch 2018

To all the school officials, parents, teachers, guests, and fellow students, a pleasant afternoon.
Today we hold our graduation ceremony. By name, it is merely an official event to mark the end of a school year. In truth, however, we have just concluded one of the biggest events of our lives. We all worked hard to graduate and now, we get to climb the ladder to the next level.
I am very happy to see smiling faces today because I know that all of us did an amazing job. I am sure that everyone made their parents proud as well as our alma mater, Diliman Preparatory School.
The graduation ceremony today is like flipping a page to the next chapter. You’re ending a significant part of your story. For me this is one of the hardest challenges I have ever gone through considering the academic, emotional, and personal challenges that come with being a student, a son, and a friend.
Graduating is a mix of emotions for many people. It is definitely one hard moment to go through. Sometimes you can’t wait to graduate but other times you want to stay just a little bit longer.
You feel a sense of happiness and achievement that you have finally finished elementary school. This proves that you have what it takes to finish something enormous. Of course, let us not forget one of the best parts of graduating: summer vacation!
However, you get a sense of sadness too because you’ll be leaving the school you have been going to for many years. This school has been like my second home. It always welcomes me and it is one of the places that I feel most comfortable in. And personally, the hardest part is leaving behind the people whom I have been with all these years. My friends, my teachers and every other person that played a big part in my life. I also will miss the different events that happened before this ceremony. Some of my favorites are the school plays Oliver Twist, Mary Poppins, Mulan, and the most recent one, Pocahontas. I got to make new friends and this developed my interest in acting. Another favourite of mine are the field trips. I always found that in addition to learning from these trips, I got to have fun with my friends. It’s something I will definitely miss.
Excitement and fear may also come to play. I feel excited for my high school life but at the same time I feel scared because I would have to make a new beginning in high school. I would have to make new friends which excites me. But the thing is, I’m not sure if these friends will be like my friends right now. My highschool friends will never be the same as my friends graduating with me here in Diliman. This is mainly because my friends now have been there since the beginning. This is both a sad and a good thing. This is sad in a way because I will definitely miss my friends and all the memories we have made in my entire Diliman experience. This can also be a good thing because I will have the chance to meet other people and maybe develop with them, the same deep friendships I have now that I will treasure forever.
Speaking of treasures, it’s hard not to recall all the fun I had here. Joking around with my friends and playing sports with my classmates and Math training and contests are the reasons that not only made me love my school but also made me a little reluctant to leave it. Believe me, I will never forget just what this school means to me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me and guided me through the end. Thank you to my parents for helping me and supporting me every day. Even though you had so many important things to do, you always manage to find time for me. Even if these things tire you so much, you always continue to help and support me. Thank you so much. You have done one big sacrifice for me.
Aside from my parents, two other people helped me through this challenge. My sisters. They helped me in many of my projects. They taught me things I wasn’t taught and they helped me to understand my lessons better. They also find time to help me in many different ways.
Of course, I would like to thank our teachers for teaching me lessons that I also need for life not just for academics. You go above and beyond the call of duty in teaching and you don’t just teach because you are paid to teach but because you want to teach us. Thank you for teaching us what we needed to know even if it means lack of sleep and working very hard. I would also like to thank DPS and my friends for giving me a better environment to learn in.
Last but not the least, thank you God for everything that you helped me with. You always help me in different ways. One of the best ways you have helped me is by giving me this family I belong to. You help me get the motivation to keep going on in life and to never stop even when things get difficult. You gave me blessings, not just physically and mentally, but also in the assurance that whatever I do, whether I fail or succeed, I am complete in You.
To everyone here today, thank you for sharing these last few moments of our elementary school lives with all of us. As we leave here today, we will take comfort in the knowledge that we will never be alone. The Almighty is with us, our friends and families are with us, and the lessons we’ve learned here will be with us until the very end.
So, dear batchmates, here we are. The next page of our story is calling to be written. If I may leave you with a piece of advice, it’s that no matter how hard it gets to keep on writing, never ever give up. Never stop, because I believe, with the help of the Author of the universe and the support of our loved ones, our stories will just keep getting better.
So now, with a bittersweet smile, I say for the last time as a grade schooler, my name is Wilmarc Samuel Galamay, and I wish you all a great day.

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