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Digitally Transformed DPS

Digitally Transformed DPS

A question parents frequently asks these days?
Is my child’s school ready for “NEW NORMAL”?
Digitally Transformed DPS says
Yes, we certainly are! And so will you and your child!
As a 50 year old institution committed to “bring out the genius in every child,” to become globally competitive and responsive, we understand the adjustments and changes needed today. Many things that brought success in the past are no longer viable or applicable in the current landscape.
Electronic gadgets like cellular phones and tablets, once thought of as learning distractions, are today necessities in education and learning. This is the “NEW NORMAL” for schools.
DPS is now using Schoology as its online Learning Management System (LMS) platform to ensure the smooth transition and best delivery system for online learning. Its ease and amazing user friendly features are centralized online educational activity, built-in video conferencing, automated grading system and online updating, and a mobile app that is easily downloadable on your phone or tablet. Dilinam Preparatory School with its unique curriculum and Schoology as its learning platform, parents and students can be assured the continued high quality, and expected value-added DPS education in the safety of their own homes.
“Hats off to our faculty and our academic heads who have comfortably and successfully embraced new technologies that require a great shift in mindset….” said Sen. Nikki Coseteng recently. DPS teachers have accepted the challenges of the new normal and have shown admirable dedication in learning and mastering the required skills over the last 3 months. Their commitment to adapt content, reshape instruction and creatively deliver instruction has and is the cornerstone of DPS education. The professional development of teachers on pedagogical and digital transformation will continue under the guidance of the DEC Center for Innovation and Development.
By far, teachers have praised the institutional initiatives adopted and commitment in education that Diliman Preparatory School has exemplified for the betterment of the school community. One of our seasoned Grade School Science teachers, Ms. Flordeliz Litana, is very excited and optimistically confident because “I know that the students will have easy access to all the lectures and other resources…. This would really help them master complex concepts.” High School Math teacher, Ms. Rizza Ignacio also agrees, “I welcome the automated tests and the grading system that come with the new LMS. These may seem new to teachers but, knowing how young learners easily adopt to new and interesting system, everyone will do very well.”
When classes start on August 17, 2020, DPS is set up with a total of 40 Online Learning Hubs in-campus for both Commonwealth and Mindanao Ave. These hubs will be used by teachers as learning stations in conducting their virtual classes. Each hub is equipped with updated computer units and dedicated bandwidth with 30mbps internet speed, as well as a back-up system with 80mbps to ensure uninterrupted online learning regardless of the massive number of users this school year.
The management’s unwavering dedication to excellence makes DPS a #DigitallyTransformed school that is prepared to meet the new and daunting challenges of education in the “new normal.” Diliman Preparatory School has taken so much effort to continue providing high quality education in an even more interesting and innovative way. President and CEO, Senator Nikki ML. Coseteng herself is excited about the fast-tracking of learning. She believes that education in the new normal will prepare the children for the future workplace and the environment of creativity and innovation now that A.I. and other forms of technology are being speedily developed. We cannot allow our children to learn in the same way we were taught. They definitely learn and adjust faster than we can. As parents, teachers, and responsible adults, we need to rid ourselves of the baggage that has weighed us down and the cobwebs of fear and anxiety that have held us back. We must support and allow our children to soar… Higher than we have imagined.
We assure DPS parents that their children will go through the educational experience that is consistent with what we have delivered over the last 50 years -an education that develops their “unli-attention and interest” into an “unli-love” for learning to become an “unli-global” steward.
Education that builds in them today what they will need for tomorrow.
That is what Diliman Preparatory School is all about.

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