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Why Should You Let Your Kids Learn a Foreign Language?

 The benefits of learning a new language go beyond traveling- it improves academic performance, broadens career opportunities, and greatly benefits the cognitive process.

Studies conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US have shown that it is best to learn a foreign language before the age of 10 to achieve the same proficiency as native speakers, however that does not mean that those who learn at a later age will not reap the same benefits. What really are these benefits, aside from making travelling easier and more fun?

Improves Memory
The more the brain is used, the better it will function. Learning a foreign language requires memorization and familiarization of grammar rules and vocabulary, and being able to recall and apply the newly acquired knowledge, which makes it an excellent exercise for the brain and memory. Studies have also shown that multilingual students are better at remembering names, directions, facts, and other information.

Keeps the Mind Sharp
According to a study conducted in Spain, the minds of the multilingual are more alert and keen. They are better at observing their surroundings, focusing on relevant facts, and discerning misleading information. Learning a foreign language will make the student a critical-thinker.

Improves Academic Performance
Learning a foreign language greatly improves the cognitive skills, and studies have shown that it has helped students perform better in standardized tests. Multilingual students perform better in mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and in problem-solving related tests.

Broadens Career Options
Aside from being beneficial for traveling and learning various cultures, learning a foreign language will broaden career options and open up more opportunities. With the rapid globalization of schools and of the country’s economy, a multilingual ability is a huge advantage when it comes to the competitive career world, especially in multinational companies.

As China continues to rise in the global economy, Mandarin has become one of the most spoken language in the world, and a must-know language in the global business landscape. Since Mandarin is fairly not an easy language to learn, it’s better to start learning it at a young age to make it easier and faster to absorb.

At Diliman Preparatory School, we want our students to be prepared for the future, and be readily equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that they may need for their prospect career paths. We offer Mandarin classes from grade one, up until Senior High School. To know more about our programs and be updated with our latest news, like our Facebook page: @dilimanprep

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